Croatia is a small country located on the Adriatic sea, in between the modern state of Slovenia and the former Yugoslavia. Croatia is a wonderful destination in Europe with many interesting sites to visit including the Dalmatian Coast, the Veljko Orbus or the Golden Triangle, the island of Dubrovnik, and the picturesque Peljesac. Many tourists decide to visit Croatia because of the popular attraction of Vukovar. Although it is very popular with tourists, Vukovar should not be considered an essential part of your holiday plans. If you do not have the time or the money to spend three or four weeks in a beautiful resort then it is time to reconsider your options.

Trip to Vukovar

The cost of a seven-day trip to Vukovar can easily run up to $588 for an individual, and then there are other expenses such as transport, meals, hotel accommodations, daily expenses, etc. Even if you book your flight in advance, then your total vacation costs could still be quite high. A great option for saving money when planning a trip to Croatian islands is to book your rental car before you leave for vacation. The cost of a rental car in Croatia is much cheaper than that of a flight to any of the islands. Furthermore, renting a car is so easy to do, that you may even consider doing so during your trip to reduce your daily expenses and maximize the enjoyment you get out of your trip. There are many companies that offer cheap rental cars in Croatia.

Traveling by airplane to the island of Vukovar requires you to pay several hundred dollars per night which is a little more than the price of a plane ticket. You could also travel by train but the experience will be no different from driving. There is no other better way to see the Adriatic mountains in the land of the Adriatic sea. Vukovar has beautiful beaches and wonderful sightseeing spots that will be worth seeing during your stay in the region. However, the prices for vacation rentals in Vukovar are much lower than those for airfare or driving a vehicle.

You can also save money on your trip to the Adriatic by knowing how to prepare your vacation rental before you leave for vacation. The first thing you should do is calculate your daily expenses including food, transportation, accommodation, etc. and compare it to the amount of money you would be able to save if you book a hotel or car rental in Vukovar before your trip. Also include your daily expenses in your calculations. If your total vacation expenses comes to exactly twice what your trip expenses are, then it is possible you will be able to save more money on your trip to Vukovar.

It is very expensive to book a hotel room in Vukovar, especially if you are looking to save money on your trip to the Adriatic. Most of the hotels in Vukovar charge around 80 Euros per night. However, there are a few luxury Vukovar vacation rentals that charge even higher prices as their rooms are located in the top five of the city. Vukovar vacation rentals available in the top five price range usually charge a higher price per night as they generally have more luxurious amenities and better service compared to the cheaper rooms. If you are planning to stay in one of these luxury hotels while you are on vacation in Vukovar, it would be best to book your hotel room as soon as possible and save your money.

You should also plan your activities during your trip to Vukovar. Activities such as shopping, horseback riding, tennis, golfing, kayaking, etc. will help to save much of your money and allow you to spend more quality time with your family.