When it comes to travel and adventure, few places can compare with the Trip to Hallstatt in Austria. Once ruled by the Hoof, these modern-day Austrians have maintained much of the land their ancestors left behind, preserving the charm and character of this historic area. With stunning views across the mountain ranges and beyond, this delightful part of Austria has much to offer tourists interested in culture and history.

Trip to Hallstatt

One of the best ways to experience the splendour of this historic region is to go on an Alpendorfstrasse Loop, which starts in Vienna and covers the impressive Lake District. From there, you can travel southward to Salzburg, stopping off at the spectacular Alpendorf Glacier before taking a train ride over the spectacular Alpendorf Mountains. By car, Salzburg is an ideal starting point to conduct a full day trip, since it’s just about 41 miles (70 kilometers) from Vienna. For those travelling in a group, it’s best to split the trip into several vehicles and take turns driving and cycling through the beautiful countryside. The most popular routes are the A3 (lines) through Brixen, Emmerich, Grossari, Lindau and St Johannim-Gastein-Adstadt.

After completing your Hallstatt vacation, you can return to your luxury hotel or guest house, where you can enjoy your time away from city life by spending some time skiing, boarding or snowboarding on one of the many on-piste ski slopes scattered around the region. There is bound to be a run of pistes situated near the lakes, which all offer excellent runs with plenty of snow to be had. If you’re feeling brave, you can even attempt the famous Brubeck Curve, which is regarded as one of the most challenging runs in Austria. After your skiing escapade, there will be a number of enjoyable day trips to make, including scenic drives along the Lake Landau and even the chance to indulge in a boat cruise along the lake. If you are planning a trip to Hallstatt during the summer months, the perfect choice for you will be a trip to the local ski resort, which will give you an opportunity to enjoy the warm evenings outdoors and perhaps catch a few ice hockey or ice skating competitions if you wish!

As well as a number of pistes, there are also a number of exciting activities to be tried in the summer season in Hallstatt. Among the most popular is the ‘Red Fire’. This is an exhilarating activity that involves riding a narrow-gauge train that journeys around the mountains in a circular orbit, passing villages with red roofs and the green sign painted on the train’s roof. After passing each village, the driver will stop the train and the people below will get out onto the rail to have a good view of the passing scenery. Once the train has passed, the driver will again begin the journey back to the station, and the people below will again have a view of the landscape while the train speeds off the mountain slopes. The entire experience is incredibly exhilarating and provides a fantastic view of the countryside.

If you were thinking about a more leisurely trip, why not try a trip to the fairytale gardens of Hallstatt? The majority of the buildings that are still standing in the village were constructed over one hundred and fifty years ago. In fact, many of the older houses and churches were constructed using materials such as bricks, stone and clay. You can go on a walking tour of the village and take in the architecture and see how it was built, with a small commission from the Russian Count. If you would rather enjoy the scenery a little more, there are several rides that are available for you and your family. These include the traditional wooden roller coaster, which was developed by the engineers at Blackcomb as a recreation of what they had seen in their home country.

If you decide to go on a more guided trip, there are plenty of places to stay in Hallstatt. There are luxury hotels, guest houses and bed and breakfasts, which are reasonably priced. As well as enjoying the sights, you can try some of the local dishes, such as smoked salmon and fresh fruit and cheese. Of course, the nightlife is also excellent in this charming area. There are a number of clubs, pubs and restaurants, and many of the houses offer private areas for relaxing after dinner. A trip to Hallstatt is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening, and you will be sure to return refreshed and revitalised, ready to start your day in the early hours.