When I first came across the idea of taking a Trip to Gramsh there were a few things holding me back. After all, I am a woman and traveling alone, or with small children was not part of my original plan. However, I discovered that my husband loves to travel and now has plans to visit many of the popular sights we love. So, it was time to open my mind to new experiences. I know a lot of other women who would also enjoy a Trip to Gramsh. What makes this place so special is the mix of the old and the new, the sights to see and the hospitality of the people who call the town home.

Trip to Gramsh

There are many hotels scattered throughout the old town and some of them offer exceptional accommodations. Most of the guestrooms are air conditioned and the staff offers personalized service. These are just some of the accommodations added to the itinerary by travelers in the past to their Gramsh trip. Check out the different hotels and add them to your itinerary.

Staying at the Dero Hotel was a pleasant surprise for me. The hotel itself was gorgeous with an overlooking view of the sea. Our room had a balcony that overlooks the sea and this made the sea breeze feels soothing and perfect for a morning breakfast. The rooms are clean and the staff was friendly and helpful. You can get breakfast in the morning as well as in the afternoon if you like to stay on the beach.

This beautiful hotel overlooks Lake Nasser and is one of the most secluded ones in all of Southern Albania. Its peaceful setting will make you want to stay here all day. The hotel has four different guestrooms and they each offer their own sense of atmosphere and style.

We spent our morning enjoying the beautiful scenery, fresh air, and breakfast served in the morning. The food in this hotel is excellent and I fell in love with it right away. It is situated near the coast, so the coast guard does visit it on a regular basis. You can easily spend the afternoon strolling along the beach with your friends or family and this will also help you to relax and get in some much needed exercise.

On our trip to Gramsh we also enjoyed a ride to our cabin in a horse-drawn carriage. The horses pulled us easily and we made good time. This trip changed the way we both look at travel. We both agree that this would be a trip we could never forget.