The beautiful and picturesque Oman is a destination worth to visit. But, one should not only consider the location when planning a tour there. There are so many things to do and places to visit that you should have your whole vacation booked before heading for Oman. If you are planning a trip to this country, consider a few of the following destinations.

Trip to Izki

– Izki is the capital city of Oman. Once you have reached this point in the city, you will be able to see a lot of sights. Some of the highlights include the Great Atah region, Jumeirah Beach, Al-Balad International Airport, the souks and many more. You can go shopping around the Souk or simply enjoy taking in the sights from the beachside.

– Al-Balad is located on the other side of Izki. You will get to see the same things from here as you did in Izki. If you want to travel to a distant place but still have pleasant scenery, try an Al-Balad tour. You can see the same beautiful scenery as seen from Izki.

– On your way from Al-Balad to Izki you will come across a monument that no tourist ever misses, the Statue of Triton. This is the same statue that was found in Greece. The local people of Oman make sure that the statue is always well protected so that visitors will continue to enjoy the beauty of the area.

– Another interesting site is the Al-Gabel. Here you will be able to see the snake temple. You will also be able to try some magic tricks. This is the perfect site for a wedding because there are plenty of beautiful and happy couples who would like to exchange vows on this sacred ground.

– If you like the taste of food that Oman has to offer, a cruise in the Beaches of Oman is the right choice for you. A typical cruise will begin in Muscat and end in Kuwait. On your tour you will visit Nerja and then head to Oman. The most popular tourist destination is the Sultan Qaboos mosque. A special day during your vacation is the day that you take your family on a safari to the desert to admire the view of the shimmering sand dunes.

– For those who like to see the sites which are not usually visited, there is the option of a traditional Oman tour. You can join a group that will lead you around to the sites and you will be accompanied by knowledgeable guides. There are several sites you should not miss and these include the Al-Fara Mountains and the Wadi Rum. These sites will allow you to feel the landscape of Oman and will allow you to enjoy a much closer encounter with nature.

– There are also several activities that you should consider when planning your trip to Izu ports. One of these activities includes kayaking around Lake Nakuru. If you prefer to sail, you can take a trip on a traditional sailing vessel. If you have a family with younger members, you should definitely consider taking a safari with them to one of the locations in the area. There are also various types of diving available which is sure to please the most demanding of diving fans. Once you visit Izu ports, you will be able to explore all of the options that are available to you.