Planning your first trip to Istanbul, Turkey? How exciting! After spending two years residing in the Turkish cultural hub, have enough knowledge to impart all the suggestions you have to plan your next travel to Istanbul, Turkey. This is among the most popular destinations, have visited there twice, and each year which put feet there, feel like its first. If you want to enjoy the most exotic holiday experience, you should definitely travel to Istanbul, Turkey!

Trip to Istanbul

Before beginning planning your first trip to Istanbul, Turkey, you must first know about the most popular sights and activities in this amazing country. Istanbul has a rich history that dates back to over two thousand years. The city started out as a small village on the banks of the river Bosporus. The name was changed to Istanbul when the city was conquered by the Turks in the 16th century.

Among the main things that are to be on your first trip to Istanbul, Turkey are the many beautiful beaches of the city. Spending your vacation in Istanbul, Turkey will not be complete without having a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea. To get there, you can travel to any of the many Istanbul international airports. At an Istanbul airport, you will find a wide array of hotels, restaurants, bars, shopping areas, and other facilities. But to get to the best sites, you should rent a car first.

When traveling to Istanbul, Turkey, make sure to take advantage of the Istanbul airport’s free shuttles that will take you straight to Marmaris and the Blue Mosque. The journey to Istanbul from the nearest major city, Antalya, is quite pleasant too because it passes through the picturesque Adana, Kinaliada, Mecidiyekoy, and Fatikoy regions. The journey from Antalya takes about two and a half hours. While on your first trip to Istanbul, you will be able to visit the world famous sites of the city like the Blue Mosque, Fethiye Mosque, Sultanahmet, Kinaliada, Beykozcini Mosque, etc. Also on your itinerary will be the marvelous monuments of the region such as the Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sofia, and the Blue Mosque.

After resting up for the night, you will then embark on your journey to Istanbul. After reaching Istanbul, you can either stay in one of the many luxurious hotels or in any of the cheap, budgeted hotels that make up the istanbuli itinerary. For more interesting sights, you can also visit the many historical sites of the region such as the Blue Mosque, Fethiye Mosque, and Sultanahmet’s Golden Temple. The main architectural landmark in Istanbul is of course the Blue Mosque, which was built in 730 AD.

In general, the food of turkey is quite good with many people raving about the delicious, mouth-watering dishes that are available in turkey. You can try out some of the traditional dishes or get into the new world of gourmet food that is now available in Turkey. Turkey is an excellent country to visit whether you are travelling alone or with your family. A holiday in Turkey gets rave reviews from not only tourists, but from people who have taken the country on a trip to celebrate their marriage, birthdays, retire, or even for a visit to their offices!