The most popular attraction in Trinidad and Tobago is the Blue Marlin, a renowned saltwater fish that can grow up to six feet and has the capability to swallow large amounts of food. This makes fishing in Trinidad and Tobago a popular activity for locals as well as tourists. The fish is so powerful that local fishermen swear by catching one during their fishing trip. However, not everyone can afford the trip, which is why travel agencies have been set up all over the island.

Trip to Port of Spain

A typical luxury trip to Port of Spain starts with landing at the airport and then boarding either a plane or a cruise ship for transportation to the island. Most cruise ships have activities lined up for children during the day, which means that the only children permitted on board are those who accompany an adult. The cost of a seven-day trip to Port of Spain varies but is usually between $1,920 for a single traveler, $forklift rental, or $6,497 for a group of four.

A convenient way to get around the island is via ferry. Buses that dock at different points around the island are decorated with pictures of famous European landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Spanish Steps. These trips usually end up at either Marrakech or Santa Eulalia, with ferries going to the island’s capital of Tenerife. Booking a direct flight to Barcelona or taking a Spain cheap flight to Trinidad and Tobago is the cheapest way to travel between the two countries.

A luxury trip to Port of Spain also requires planning, especially if it is an extended trip. Longer trips generally involve longer shore excursions around the island. One of the most popular routes takes visitors past the Picasso Museum and requires careful planning to arrive in time for lunch. The trip can be extended with special packages that include beach drinks and snorkeling experiences. These options tend to cost considerably more than typical flight costs, but are often well worth the extra.

When comparing costs of a typical flight to Spain and renting a car, the comparison is usually about price versus convenience. Holidaymakers are willing to part with their cash for expensive accommodations when they know they will return relaxed and fully refreshed after spending three days at a resort with access to top-notch amenities. However, for those wanting to maximize their vacation and save the most money possible, a vacation rental makes sense. Holidaymakers saving money on airfare and hotel accommodations will find vacation rentals in places like Playa Blanca offering fewer expensive base rates and more free time.

The choice between the airfare and vacation rentals typically comes down to the number of days the trip is expected to last and how many people are traveling. For frequent travelers, a car rental may offer more bang for their buck since hotels charge per person per day. A vacation rental in Playa Blanca allows vacationers to enjoy the beaches and local attractions without incurring the high costs associated with hotel stays.